10 Reasons Why the Secret to a Happy Life is a Happy Family

“My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me.” - Michael Imperioli

Whether you’ve had a great day at work or feel beaten by the mundaneness of routine, whether you feel like the world is yours or are experiencing the moody blues, there’s one unit of people that you want to tell everything about your life – your family!

You feel loved, safe and secure around your family, and nobody in the world can understand you like they do. They accept you unconditionally for who you are and would do whatever it takes to see you smile. You’re always showered with love by them without any expectations. 

While most of us have the good fortune of understanding the importance of family, the truth is that several people do live together without any love or unity among them. However, it’s never too late to accept your people as your own and live as a happy family.

This post will present a few reasons why the secret to a happy life is directly linked to having a happy family life.

1. They’re the First People You Know

Your family members are literally the first people you get to know in your life – from the moment you’re ushered into this world. 

How many times have you heard people telling you, “Oh, you speak just like your dad!” or “Your sense of humor is so much like your mom’s!”? The reason for this is because they shape your personality and have an impact on the type of human being you will become.

This, however, does not mean that you are actually every bit like them. In fact, you may be polar opposites. But, that doesn’t lessen the impact your family has on you. This impact can go a long way in strengthening familial bonds.

2. They Know Exactly Who You Are

Your family has watched and understood you since you arrived in this world. Even as you grow up, they will always know you as the little kid that changed their life. 

They feel comfortable around you and vice versa and it is easy for you all to be yourselves with each other and have a good time together. Most families have inside jokes, expressions and games that they share among each other, but wouldn’t ever feel comfortable to do so with others. 

Families share familiarity and have a lifetime of shared experiences that keep them attached to each other.

3. They Help You Grow

This may sound highly philosophical, but nevertheless, it is true that we all come into the world with nothing. Our family gives us everything. They put clothes on our body, food on our table, and give us a safe home to live in. They protect us and teach us everything there is to know about life. 

The child uses the family as a stepping stone towards growing up to become a global citizen. Any family unit that cares about its members will be happy to facilitate this. Without family, it is impossible for us to grow to our fullest potential. 

4. They Build You Up

One of the most important things your family will teach you is to be self-reliant and responsible. Whether it is about being financially independent or emotionally stable, your family will build you up enough for you to stay solid for the rest of your life. 

This, in turn, will mold you into a self-respecting, law-abiding, prudent person who knows how to face and deal with the harshest realities of life in a healthy manner. You will know that you have your wonderful family to lean on whenever you need them. 

When you feel low or disappointed, your family members are the first people you think of. Simply recollecting some of the things they’ve told you over the years to build your confidence can prove to be enough to make you feel strong.   

5. They Always Look Out for You

Your family looks after your every need, whether it is financial, emotional or spiritual. They provide you with the basic necessities of life. They nourish you, finance your education, pay your bills, and fulfill all your wants without expecting anything in return. No one except your family would be willing to do this for you. 

They provide you with unconditional love and care regardless of your imperfections and limitations. They become your rock-solid pillar of strength during trying times and celebrate with you in your good times. They turn into an impenetrable shield of protection from all sorts of dangers and look after you in sickness. They bring you a sense of belonging and community. 

As already mentioned, your family knows exactly who you are, and can gauge your emotional and spiritual state without you uttering a single word. They can sense when you’re upset and offer you a shoulder to cry on if the need arises. They give you the values that help you build your self-esteem and make sound decisions about your life.  

6. They Guide You Selflessly

You don’t need no life coach if you have your family to guide you through life’s inevitable ups and downs. When you make mistakes, it is your family that points them out and helps you set things right. 

They teach you about the difference between good and bad. Through your family, you learn to deal with problems. They push you towards achieving your goals, and basically lay the foundation for the way you form and manage human relationships.

7. They Make You a Better Person

The values and morals you receive from your family’s elders make you a better person, which indirectly makes the society a better place to live in. A family is a unit, wherein everyone shares the responsibility to keep relationships strong. This role extends to the community you live in, which makes for a healthy society for everyone to live and thrive in. Exhibiting socially-acceptable behavior is a direct result of a sound value system that’s imbibed at home. 

8. Their Happiness Lies in Yours

We live in a world where not everyone is our friend or well-wisher. Not everyone is happy about our success and jealousy creeps in at any given opportunity. But not with your family. They want to see you achieve your dreams and become successful, and nothing brings them more happiness than seeing you happy. Your happy moments are blessings for them and they celebrate all your achievements, big or small, with equal fervor. Parents, especially, always pray for and look forward to the success of their children.    

9. They’re Always There for You

Whether or not others stick around during your bad patches, you can always trust your family to keep you solid. The keyword here is trust. You and your family members have seen each other not only grow, but also evolve. You’ve seen each other at your innocent best, and know of each other’s deepest darkest secrets because you’ve always been there for one another. You know that regardless of the curveball life throws at you, you will take care of each other. Your family members will be the first people you will turn to in times of need, simply because you trust them and depend on them.

You trust your family and know that no one can care for you or understand you better than them. They get you, your idiosyncrasies, and your thought pattern. In fact, they can predict your reaction to situations quite accurately. 

10. They Will Love You Forever

When you’re born, you’re around your family by default. If you think about your final moments in the future, who would you like to spend them with? Not your grocer, for sure! Everyone wants to be around their beloved family members, even after death. This can be in the form of thoughts, memories, and heirloom items like a special piece of clothing or an extraordinary necklace. That’s all that’s left behind.  

Regardless of the culture you live in or the background you hail from, you’re taught about developing and sustaining healthy, loving relationships with the people around you. But all said and done, no relationship takes precedence over family ties.     


Just like your favorite recipe is incomplete without the addition of salt, your personal life will feel absolutely empty without the love, care and support of your family. Your family has the power to influence your life in ways that shape the person you become. They’re the people you’ve known since you took your first breath, and they’ve been part of all your life’s milestones. They’ve seen you succeed and fail, and stuck by you through thick and thin. Whether you realize it or not, their selfless love has been a constant source of strength for you. What more could you ask for to live a fulfilling life? At the end of the day, your family is the answer to all of life’s cryptic puzzles; and if you’re fortunate, you will make it a point to love and appreciate them.
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