A New Approach Breathes Life Back Into a Classic Look

A staple piece in any jewelry collection, the monogram necklace is a traditional and classy accompaniment to any outfit. However, this classic piece has long been viewed as no longer trendy and certainly not in style.Produced in bulk by a sometimes clueless jewelry industry the monogram necklace was a style waiting to be rediscovered, reimagined and rebranded. You no longer need your mother’s necklace; new crafting styles and materials are breathing life back into this classic look.

The proliferation of 3D printing has brought the ability to move away from the fancy font that is associated with monogramming jewelry and we are seeing a new look to this necklace. Block letters, computer fonts and other imaginative lettering is renewing interest in the monogram necklace. Anything that can be envisioned on a computer screen can be created, and technology is making it easier for smaller businesses to get into the reimagining business. Driving the surge in popularity, small and amateur jewelers are also experimenting with using different materials not normally associated with the staid monogram necklace.

Not just content with silver and gold, the updated look includes materials such as ‘rose’ gold and acrylics. Now, instead of having a specific look that would accept the monogram necklace, you can have different necklaces for different looks. You can continue wearing a traditional necklace with classy, formal clothes but pair an acrylic, modern necklace with jeans and blouse to add a bit of class to a casual outfit.

By expanding the choices that consumers have, whether through material choice or style, jewelers are making this piece more accessible and desirable to a much wider audience. With choices that make this necklace formal or casual, the utility of the monogram necklace increases and breathes a much needed new life into this formerly overlooked necklace.

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